Who am I?!

Hi there, I’m Fabio and I am a Technical Director in the video game industry, comic and novel writer but most of all a lucky husband and father!


After a ten year experience in the video game field, working for different titles like MotoGP, Ducati and several indie personal projects, I specialized strongly in VR/AR as I was the head of a XR Startup, Oniride.
I then became the Lead Developer at EA/Codemasters where I also covered the lead programmer position for games like Project CARS Pro, DIRT5, Dirt Rally 2, GRID 2019 and GRID Legends.

I am currently Technical Director at Third Kind Games.


I’ve wrote a lot of stories. 99% of them were never released.
1% of them became: comics, novels, web series, music videos, shorts etc


This website is basically a timeline of some (not nearly all) of the projects I worked on.
It is a memory of what I did, what challenges I had to face and most of all it’s a failure counter: every little piece counts, even the pieces that apparently don’t fit together.
In the last 15 years I’ve worked on a countless projects and met countless amazing people and I thought that this was the best way to treasure all the most significant experiences in time in one single place.

Please note that this website is a work in progress.
Please come back soon to read all the articles!