That time we made an ultra-short movie and won an international contest: Change is about, Art by Chance

Categories: Storytelling

It all started as usual: let’s make a short movie!
Stefano Bagnoli and me are used to say that over and over cyclically and this time we had an actual goal in mind: the worldwide contest named Art By Chance.

The contest was about presenting an ultra-short movie (aprox. 30 seconds) with Changes as main theme.

I wrote a script called “Change Is About” that takes place from the idea of an inescapable shifting from past to the future.
This short movie focuses on this aspect of life by expressing it as duality of the same person.

Stefano Bagnoli’s work as director calls attention to beginnings and endings also dilemma over human feelings. He describes his film with these words: “Change is about pursuing a future when your past is dying.”

So, after a lightweight production with almost zero budget we ended up presenting it to the contest commission and it was selected among the winners of that year’s contest!
It was also broadcast on several cities underground screens for a while, as part of the Art By Chance winner’s agreement.

One of our very first steps into a carrier in storytelling.
So much we learned from there, but we are still proud to look so back in time.

Thanks a lot to Stefano and also to: Adriano Muraca (camera operator, vfx), Cristiano Giacomi (3D artist), Elisabetta Notte (MUA), Martina Buonincontri (vo) and Francesca Sanzari (main actress).