That time we made a cooperative surgery VR game in 48 hours: Wave me Up @ GlobalGameJam 2017

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New year, new GameJam!
The theme that year was Waves.
And we thought it was a good idea to try to make the most complicated project we could do in 48 hours.
The team was MASSIVE:

  • Alessio Verolini (3D)
  • Felix Ostwald (3D)
  • Gianluca Bombini (Code)
  • Jacopo Zuliani (Code)
  • Joel Fallerini (2D art, UI)
  • Giovanni Pagliei (2D art, UI)
  • Carlo Sagrestani (3D)

The idea was born during a game design brainstorming where Joel sketched something and Alessio understood completely something else and then BAM… here’s how Wave me Up! was conceived!

A crazy VR game where the person inside the headset is a doctor that needs to keep alive the (very peculiar) patients by using everything you can.
An helper, outside the VR, will have to help the doctor in reading the charts and the values needed to save lives!

Here’s the abstract:

This is a Oculus Touch game. You are a Doctor with not much medical knowledge (!?), so you need the support of an external player with the medical scores of all the patients (pdf file linked in Technology Notes). Communicate at your best and understand the best approach for each patient, some may not be what you may expect…

Here’s the website where you can find also the game and the source code:

I must say I am proud about the team work, it was not an easy task to complete this game and it ended up in one of the most clean game on that jam, despite the scope.
Well done boys!