That time we made a comic about Yuri Gagarin: 50 years of solitude

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My very first published comic ever!
I will never thank Damjan Stanich for this experience.

Translated from his blog page:

My first paper release is called “50 years of solitude”.
It was born so randomly and it came from an old friend, Predrag Pedja Ikonic. We used to hang out in ex-Yugoslav comics forums.
Pedja started a comic magazine, called Parabellum and proposed me to draw a story giving me complete freedom about everything, from the subject to the art style.
That is where the fun began: after jumping with joy for the opportunity of working on my own terms, I realized that I didn’t know how to use that freedom, especially for the script writing part.
And so, after playing with the idea of telling about a “love story” between Yuri Gagarin and the Universe, I threw an SOS to Fabio Corrirossi, a young talented script writer. He added the bare bone of the story and the key component: the jealousy of the betrayed lover, the Universe, towards Gagarin that abandoned her and never returned after that first trip.
All in all it was a very weird story but we had so much fun bringing that to life.

So this is how my first ever paper comic was born.
Few details about it: the story was an omage to the 50th anniversary of the very first trip into the space and we played around also the sadness from Gagarin that never returned back.
In one of the panel Gagarin turn his head to the Earth and say “it is beautiful” and that is when the Universe became so jealous.
Yeah, strange story indeed.

Cover by Branislav Perkovic