That time I started writing my cruelest novel: How I killed a baby and got away with it

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This time I had a very strange story in mind: what if a guy wants to kill an infant just to do a social experiment?

This is how the novel idea was born.
The main character is not a psychopath but he clearly had some issues in the past and now all his energies are focused into proving how screwed the society is in the most screwed up way possible.


  • the book is only in Italian
  • I never ended it. I mean I actual know how to end it, I have the trace to finish it but… I don’t have the strength to finish such story.

Maybe, someday, who knows.
I must say my very few readers were loving the story so far and I loved writing it until I didn’t.
And not because it wasn’t good, I strongly believe it was one of my best stories.
Simply it was too much for the time.
One day…