That long time I was an xR teacher: IED xR classes

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For 2.5 years I had the honor to work as a teacher for IED (European Institute of Design).
My job was to teach how to develop games and experiences in xR (VR/AR/MR).

My classes were about:

  • rules for a correct storytelling in 360°
  • prototyping experiences in Unity3D
  • mentoring over this new business and tech area
  • help 2 groups on their final thesis
  • programming general lessons

It was fun to teach these kind of stuff to passionate students.
Was so glad to hear that some of them ended up working in the very same field and I like to think that I have something to do with the outcome, somehow.

Un saluto a tutti i miei studenti che passeranno per questa pagina!
Mi avete fatto dannare non poco ma ne è valsa assolutamente la pena!