Who am I?!

Hi there, I’m Fabio and I am a lead game developer, comic and novel writer but most of all a lucky husband and father!


After a ten year experience in the video game field, working for different titles like MotoGP, Ducati and several indie personal projects, I specialized strongly in VR/AR.
I am now currently the Lead Developer at EA/Codemasters where I also covering the lead programmer position for games like Project CARS Pro, DIRT5, Dirt Rally 2, GRID 2019 and GRID Legends.

Please follow the official channels like projectcarspro.com or my Linkedin to know more about those projects.


I’ve wrote a lot of stories. 99% of them were never released.
1% of them became: comics, novels, web series, music videos, shorts etc


This website is basically a timeline of some (not nearly all) of the projects I worked on.
It is a memory of what I did, what challenges I had to face and most of all it’s a failure counter: every little piece counts, even the pieces that apparently don’t fit together.
In the last 15 years I’ve worked on a countless projects and met countless amazing people and I thought that this was the best way to treasure all the most significant experiences in time in one single place.

Please note that this website is a work in progress.
Please come back soon to read all the articles!