That time we went to Shanghai to install the coolest race simulator on earth: Project CARS 2 for Wanda Autopark

Wanda Car Theme Park is an indoor theme park of about 10000 sqm located at the second floor of the new huge Wanda mall in Shanghai.
The park counts over 30 attractions including indoor roller coasters, drive in cinema, RC challenges with onboard cameras and of course Project CARS 2 Wanda edition!

Our job was to create a custom version of Project CARS 2 for the first real motion car platform for arcades in the world.
The 6DOF platform was created to support a real BMW Z4, adapted for the attraction!

The players will play Project CARS 2 by driving inside a real car using the real wheel, pedals and on board original BMW instrumentation.
Even the AC was working 🙂

The platform moves the car by taking the necessary information from the game and uses 2 crossed projectors, an audio system 16.1 (integrated with the real audio system of the BMW and with also speaker for the audience).
This version of the game was developed in around 8-9 months and includes also: a system to handle the queue with DIY touchscreens to pre-select the race settings (tracks, cars, difficulty etc), a tailored multiplayer system for the 4 cars and countless custom features.

Furthermore an automatic broadcasting system was developed to show on the giant 13 mt audience screen the race by focusing on the best players and action.

Of course these were not the only features: there was a huge commitment over this job and we are so proud about the final result.

I can assure you that is a blast to play and drive!
A unique experience for immersivity that can become extreme when using the Professional difficulty setup.
My role for the job was project technical director and lead programmer.

Enjoy some other videos and photos: