That time we made an insane VR head soccer game in 48 hours: ImpactVR @ GlobalGameJam 2016

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Our first jam with this amazing group.
Joel Fallerini, Simone Ferretti, Gianluca Bombini and me took the theme with a lot of freedom that time.
The theme was “Ritual” and we understood it like: one of the oldest ritual is sport!
So we decided to bend all the VR rules at once and make the bravest soccer game at zero gravity ever existed.

They tell you to give people lots of visual fixed references and not to move too much into the environment in VR so people will not feel sick.
That is what we didn’t do!
And the scariest part is that: it worked!

Over 300 matches and no one got sick…

Here’s the project brief:

  • score the most goals in the given time
  • local multiplayer cross headset: Oculus DK2 vs Gear VR!

Joel’s page about the game on ArtStation:

Eventually we developed the game even more but it was never released unfortunately.

Brave story of the jam: after not sleeping for 2 days the cross vr multiplayer code was not working. 15 minutes to the deadline and I decided to… destroy all the network code and to re-do it from scratch with another network engine.
Well, we did it and it was a blast.
People were just playing non stop.
That game was SICK! And in the good way!