That time we made a survival game with an influencer-killer: Stream to Live @ GlobalGameJam 2018

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Here we go again at that time of the year.

Every time is the same amazing experience.
You learn something new or you do something old with a new perspective.

This time was about: Transmissions!

That was the theme and this time we wanted to go back to the basic and make it 2D (after the last 2 years making 3D VR game, this was like a necessary step back).

So we designed and made: Stream to Live!

This is a game of Hunt&Seek.
Two streamers will be hunted by a masked hater.
You will need to hide and ask for help from your followers, “transmit” your call for help and reach 5k shares and the police will come to save you.
Staying hidden will raise your followers but also make you an easy prey, while your run away you cannot stream but you can take pictures of the aggressor to get even more social interactions!

Thanks to Joel Fallerini, Cristiano Giacomi, Fabio Ramacci and Werto we made a fun and immediate local multiplayer game.
I must say, it was strangely fun to play and it had some very nice easter eggs.

Game exe and sources files are in the Game Jam page upstairs.

Also stock photo of the status of the team near the deadline: