That time we won the Global Game Jam 2021 in Rome

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First remote only Global Game Jam this year, of course because of COVID.
Our usual Jam group arranged the whole event on Discord and I finally had the chance to do a jam with only my pal Joel Fallerini.
Only the 2 of us, as we said we would for years.

This time we decided not to overdo and do something simpler but catchy. Something achievable in 48 hours with me coding, Joel on art as usual and both of us on game design.
We came up with a concept of a platformer with a unique code mechanic: with a reflex camera and its flash you can shine specific areas and, by shooting a photo, you can freeze the time in that particular area for a few seconds.
Using this gameplay feature and some reflexes, you can beat the game.

We called this game Shoot to Freeze (and we put an 8bit version of Shoot to Thrill by ACDC as soundtrack 😀 ).

You can play the game here:
There is also a final online leaderboard, so try to beat the highest score.

We finished this game in way less than 48 hours (~20) and, most of all, for the first time this year we won the Best Game Award in Rome!

We were so happy, we have been jamming for centuries now.
And of course, thanks Joel! I knew we would not suck this time!

You can check the other games in our jam site here: