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Page not found – Fabio Corrirossi http://fabiocorrirossi.com A pizza-lover game-developer Wed, 17 Feb 2021 14:06:19 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.4.12 http://fabiocorrirossi.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/cropped-icon-32x32.png Page not found – Fabio Corrirossi http://fabiocorrirossi.com 32 32 That time we won the Global Game Jam 2021 in Rome http://fabiocorrirossi.com/globalgamejam2021 Wed, 17 Feb 2021 14:02:06 +0000 http://fabiocorrirossi.com/?p=321 https://globalgamejam.org/2021/games/shoot-freeze-2

First remote only Global Game Jam this year, of course because of COVID.
Our usual Jam group arranged the whole event on Discord and I finally had the chance to do a jam with only my pal Joel Fallerini.
Only the 2 of us, as we said we would for years.

This time we decided not to overdo and do something simpler but catchy. Something achievable in 48 hours with me coding, Joel on art as usual and both of us on game design.
We came up with a concept of a platformer with a unique code mechanic: with a reflex camera and its flash you can shine specific areas and, by shooting a photo, you can freeze the time in that particular area for a few seconds.
Using this gameplay feature and some reflexes, you can beat the game.

We called this game Shoot to Freeze (and we put an 8bit version of Shoot to Thrill by ACDC as soundtrack 😀 ).

You can play the game here: http://vrmapper.fabiocorrirossi.com//ggj2021/index.html
There is also a final online leaderboard, so try to beat the highest score.

We finished this game in way less than 48 hours (~20) and, most of all, for the first time this year we won the Best Game Award in Rome!

We were so happy, we have been jamming for centuries now.
And of course, thanks Joel! I knew we would not suck this time!

You can check the other games in our jam site here:


That time I talked about the AAA proprietary engine behind Project CARS: Codemotion Milan 2019 http://fabiocorrirossi.com/that-time-i-talked-about-the-aaa-proprietary-engine-behind-project-cars-codemotion-milan-2019 Sun, 06 Oct 2019 20:55:00 +0000 http://fabiocorrirossi.com/?p=127 First time speaker at Codemotion Milan (after many years guests of Codemotion Rome) and first time speaker since I started working for ioTech/Slightly Mad Studios.

This was the abstract of the talk:

The gaming market is now largely dominated by a monolithic attitude to development: developers license a ready-made engine (usually Unreal and Unity), and then bleed it to the edge in search of performance. Does an alternative exist? The advantages and challenges to a proprietary engine to produce AAA-games and bespoke Business-to-Business solutions is what Slightly Mad Studios deals with day in and day out. Let’s take a deep-dive into this “MADNESS” Engine, one entirely developed in-house by the studio, and used to create chart-topping AAA-games by a globally-based, remote-working team.

Slideshare of the talk here:

That time we released the best racing game for arcades and racing centers: Project CARS Pro http://fabiocorrirossi.com/that-time-we-released-the-best-racing-game-for-arcades-and-racing-centers-project-cars-pro Sat, 06 Jul 2019 21:45:31 +0000 http://fabiocorrirossi.com/?p=175


Slightly Mad Studios and subsidiary ioTech Studios are excited to announce the launch of Project CARS Pro, an exclusively business-to-business-developed product created from the best-selling Project CARS AAA-racing-game franchise and designed for public venues, location-based entertainment centres, and events.

Project CARS Pro is a game changer in the LBE space. Built around the world’s ultimate AAA-racing franchise, it comes fully-loaded with best-in-class visuals, gameplay, content, VR, and customizable settings to cater for every possible skill level and demographic.

Project CARS Pro has been designed from the ground-up around the needs of professional customers and partners to offer the precise solutions needed in today’s competitive LBE arena right out of the box.

“We spent a lot of time listening and talking to our partners and clients before we built Project CARS Pro,” said Stephen Viljoen, COO at Slightly Mad Studios. “What we came away with was a keen sense of what they needed from a professional software product, and we went ahead and built Project CARS Pro around those exact needs.”

Project CARS Pro will allow LBE operators and customers to calibrate game modes, presets, and difficulty levels to customer-required levels with a simple once-in-the-morning procedure. The UI and the UX have also been designed to allow practically anyone to operate the software. Content-wise, licensees will have access to the very best from a franchise that boasts many of the world’s elite cars and tracks.

“Tech-wise, Project CARS Pro will support LAN multiplayer, triple-screens, retail and commercial VR headsets, and will come with a simple event-management-system for smaller venues, along with a class-leading broadcast mode,” said Nima Azarmgin, COO at ioTech. “Customers will also have the choice of getting Project CARS Pro directly from a dedicated cloud space. This is a crucial element since our professional partners will no longer have to rely on Steam to run their commercial software.”

Project CARS Pro is also available as a fully-customizable software solution for wider professional applications that can be tailor-made according to customers’ specific requirements—anything from purpose-built cars and tracks to branding.

“With Project CARS Pro, our professional customers will now also have a product perfectly adapted to their bespoke needs,” said Nima Azarmgin.

“Project CARS Pro is really a game-changer in the LBE space,” said Stephen Viljoen. “Aside from all the best-in-class technology and gameplay and content, the product will free venue operators from having to spend their time running the software and allow them to focus on what matters most—their customers. And as we know, satisfied customers is one of the key ingredients to successful LBE venues.”

This is what PCPro is. And it was blast working to make this happen.
My role was project tech director/designer and lead programmer.

Here’s how it works:

So glad I got the chance to work on this project that took the greater part of 2019 and made me travel across Europe and also Asia, made me meet a lot of amazing people along the way and most of all made me realize how much racing with friends in these venues and especially in VR can bring happiness.

That time we went to Shanghai to install the coolest race simulator on earth: Project CARS 2 for Wanda Autopark http://fabiocorrirossi.com/that-time-we-went-to-shanghai-to-install-the-coolest-race-simulator-on-earth-project-cars-2-for-wanda-autopark Mon, 20 May 2019 21:44:09 +0000 http://fabiocorrirossi.com/?p=172 Wanda Car Theme Park is an indoor theme park of about 10000 sqm located at the second floor of the new huge Wanda mall in Shanghai.
The park counts over 30 attractions including indoor roller coasters, drive in cinema, RC challenges with onboard cameras and of course Project CARS 2 Wanda edition!

Our job was to create a custom version of Project CARS 2 for the first real motion car platform for arcades in the world.
The 6DOF platform was created to support a real BMW Z4, adapted for the attraction!

The players will play Project CARS 2 by driving inside a real car using the real wheel, pedals and on board original BMW instrumentation.
Even the AC was working 🙂

The platform moves the car by taking the necessary information from the game and uses 2 crossed projectors, an audio system 16.1 (integrated with the real audio system of the BMW and with also speaker for the audience).
This version of the game was developed in around 8-9 months and includes also: a system to handle the queue with DIY touchscreens to pre-select the race settings (tracks, cars, difficulty etc), a tailored multiplayer system for the 4 cars and countless custom features.

Furthermore an automatic broadcasting system was developed to show on the giant 13 mt audience screen the race by focusing on the best players and action.

Of course these were not the only features: there was a huge commitment over this job and we are so proud about the final result.

I can assure you that is a blast to play and drive!
A unique experience for immersivity that can become extreme when using the Professional difficulty setup.
My role for the job was project technical director and lead programmer.

Enjoy some other videos and photos:

That long time I was an xR teacher: IED xR classes http://fabiocorrirossi.com/that-long-time-i-was-an-xr-professor-ied-xr-classes Wed, 06 Jun 2018 21:36:00 +0000 http://fabiocorrirossi.com/?p=163 IED Roma Website

For 2.5 years I had the honor to work as a teacher for IED (European Institute of Design).
My job was to teach how to develop games and experiences in xR (VR/AR/MR).

My classes were about:

  • rules for a correct storytelling in 360°
  • prototyping experiences in Unity3D
  • mentoring over this new business and tech area
  • help 2 groups on their final thesis
  • programming general lessons

It was fun to teach these kind of stuff to passionate students.
Was so glad to hear that some of them ended up working in the very same field and I like to think that I have something to do with the outcome, somehow.

Un saluto a tutti i miei studenti che passeranno per questa pagina!
Mi avete fatto dannare non poco ma ne è valsa assolutamente la pena!

That time I talked about Machine Learning in Unity3D: Codemotion Rome 2018 http://fabiocorrirossi.com/that-time-i-talked-about-machine-learning-in-unity3d-codemotion-rome-2018 Fri, 06 Apr 2018 20:53:40 +0000 http://fabiocorrirossi.com/?p=124 It was about time to go back to Codemotion, and on 2018 it was time to talk about… Machine Learning… but for videogames… in Unity!

So I did: I prepared an hands-on example of a Flappy Bird (using my dear friend Joel’s face as main character and calling the game Flappy Joel) and I talked about how to start with Machine Learning Agents in Unity.

Slides can be found here (with the link to the source code):

Video of the talk here:


That time we made a survival game with an influencer-killer: Stream to Live @ GlobalGameJam 2018 http://fabiocorrirossi.com/that-time-we-made-a-survival-game-with-an-influencer-killer-steam-to-live-globalgamejam-2018 Mon, 29 Jan 2018 21:11:41 +0000 http://fabiocorrirossi.com/?p=139 Here we go again at that time of the year.

Every time is the same amazing experience.
You learn something new or you do something old with a new perspective.

This time was about: Transmissions!

That was the theme and this time we wanted to go back to the basic and make it 2D (after the last 2 years making 3D VR game, this was like a necessary step back).

So we designed and made: Stream to Live!

This is a game of Hunt&Seek.
Two streamers will be hunted by a masked hater.
You will need to hide and ask for help from your followers, “transmit” your call for help and reach 5k shares and the police will come to save you.
Staying hidden will raise your followers but also make you an easy prey, while your run away you cannot stream but you can take pictures of the aggressor to get even more social interactions!

Thanks to Joel Fallerini, Cristiano Giacomi, Fabio Ramacci and Werto we made a fun and immediate local multiplayer game.
I must say, it was strangely fun to play and it had some very nice easter eggs.

Game exe and sources files are in the Game Jam page upstairs.

Also stock photo of the status of the team near the deadline:

That time I started working on my 2D game engine: JTPE http://fabiocorrirossi.com/that-time-i-started-working-on-my-2d-game-engine-jtpe Sat, 06 Jan 2018 18:07:47 +0000 http://fabiocorrirossi.com/?p=77 JTPEngine started like every other dev project: let’s make something from scratch, have fun and learn from it.
Never to be used in actual game dev production, JTPEngine is a 2D C++ Game Engine. Its goal is to provide an abstract, lightweight and cross-platform ready engine that uses only C++/std and JSON scripting. This engine is designed for coders who wants a starting point to create 2D apps and games without messing with major engines on the market.

I started writing during a code jam at the beginning 2018, I decided at some point that releasing it as Open Source project was the best thing to do.
So, here we go:

JTPE is currently composed by several modules:

  • File managemer, including crypted/decrytped loadings
  • Easy task/thread manager
  • Abstract 2D rendering with logic scale rendering
  • Abstract Input manager
  • Game save/load system
  • GUI, (Animated) sprites, game levels JSON scripting.
  • video player (currently using ffmpeg)
  • audio player with 16 channels
  • REST library to handle GET/POST requests easily and asynchronously

The GUI module is made to easily load complex screens composed by re-usable JSON modules.

The build example is a ready to use Windows port created for Visual Studio (2017). The engine, with the due adaption work, can be ported to any platform.

JTPE is under the MIT license (see License file on GitHub). So, it is really free to use/change/re-distribute as you want. Feel free to drop me a message if you want to use for any legit kind of projects.

I am proud of this very little piece of software, not because for its possible usages but for the joy I had in making it and from time to time in updating it with small pieces.

That time I went to Japan for our honeymoon and ended up in the best VR center in the world: VR Zone @ Shinjuku http://fabiocorrirossi.com/that-time-i-went-to-japan-for-our-honeymoon-and-ended-up-in-the-best-vr-center-in-the-world-vr-zone-shinjuku Wed, 15 Nov 2017 21:42:04 +0000 http://fabiocorrirossi.com/?p=169 No, I won’t talk about my amazing, life changing trip to Japan.
Too much sadness in knowing I won’t return for a while.
My hearth couldn’t take it.

For now I’ll talk only about the best VR center in the world!
The VR Zone by Bandai and ProjectICan in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Here’s the slideshow of the experience (slow to load, give it few seconds per photo):

Recap of the experience, point by point (apologise, only in Italian for now):

Resoconto per punti della Tokyo VR Zone Shinjuku

Struttura e personale:
Siamo veramente sugli standard giapponesi. La struttura è stata costruita ad hoc ed è a due piani (cosa insolita per i Giapponesi che in genere ne fanno almeno 8 per una sala giochi  ). Al centro del piano terra c’è un albero della vita con un murales interattivo tutto video-proiettato. Un colpo d’occhio splendido fatto per ammaliare. L’intenzione evidente di chi ha progettato questo posto era non solo quella di fare qualche postazione VR ma quella di creare una esperienza completa. Al piano terra troviamo anche lo shop e il ristorante a tema, gli immancabili armadietti a gettoni e una serie di esperienze VR “minori” (di cui vi parlo dopo). Il personale sarà stato, solo lato hostess e steward, di almeno 25 persone sparse fra le varie esperienze. Gentilezza e preparazione Japan Level. Vi potete immaginare gli inchini anche solo per aver scelto di entrare in quel posto. All’ingresso, se hai prenotato, ti consegnano biglietti di vari colori: verde, rosso, giallo e blu. Ogni colore corrisponde ad un set di esperienze di cui puoi sceglierne solo una. Puoi comprare biglietti extra ma alcune esperienze (fra cui Gundam, Evangelion ecc) sono solo prenotabili. Prendo i miei biglietti e decido di andare al secondo piano e iniziare con Mario Kart.

Vive, vive e ancora Vive. Sono tutti Vive di “seconda generazione” con aggancio a morsetto, molto più comodi per le hostess. Vive tracker a profusione, ogni esperienza è multiplayer (ma può essere vissuta anche da solo, come nel mio caso). Ogni postazione è ad hoc per il gioco e TUTTE hanno una macchina del vento integrata col gioco. Il personale è super preparato e la sensazione è che non si voglia far vivere le esperienze fuori dal visore. Non ci sono schermi per il pubblico se non quelli di servizio per gli addetti che sono piccolini e a volte neanche visibili dai clienti. Organizzazione e postazioni da urlo.

Mario Kart VR:
All’ingresso di ogni esperienza c’è una mini sala di attesa con divanetti dove ti viene consegnato un plasticato con le istruzioni (che ti vengono comunque ripetuto nel loro fantastico non inglese). Si attende che finisca il turno e poi si viene spostati nella zona VR e propria. Nel caso di Mario mi hanno fatto scegliere fra Mario, Luigi, Peach e Yoshi. Ovviamente ho scelto Mario. Italiano in Giappone, capitemi. L’addetto mi spiega come muovermi e parto. Ho due tracker sulle mani per prendere le armi sulla pista. Posso tirare martellate, lanciare banane e gusci. La sfida è su una multi traccia che comprende alcune delle ambientazioni più famose di Mario Kart. Il gioco si può giocare in 4 alla volta. Le mani sono trackate ma non le dita. La cosa non da fastidio in quanto le mani si agganciano al volante e si staccano automaticamente. Tutto naturalissimo. Molto apprezzato il semplice ma efficace espediente per quando vieni colpito: il kart gira ma la tua visuale rimane ferma.
Graficamente è perfetto. Niente cali di framerate, aliasing gestito bene e nessun disturbo nel gioco. Insomma, una esperienza super divertente e flawless.

Evangelion VR, the throne of soul:
Questa, a mio avviso per me che sono un fan sfegatato, è stata la killer experience.
Ti mettono alla guida di una Eva. Si può scegliere Shinji, Asuka o Rei. L’esperienza riproduce l’attacco dal decimo angelo. Multiplayer da 3, postazione fisicamente uguale a quella di guida degli Eva.
Gli addetti ti leggono la storia e si parte verso una battaglia curata maniacalmente nel dettaglio.
Dalla sincronizzazione con l’Eva (con tanto di parte in cui “affoghi” nel liquido amniotico), alla partenza fino al combattimento vero e proprio. Il combattimento è tutto frontale, si gira sempre attorno all’angelo distruggendo ad ogni passo palazzi e pezzi di città. Le armi sono le armi note nel manga/anime fra cui la N2 bomb che va lanciata subito poiché ti rende pesantissimo. Ovviamente l’ATField dell’angelo respinge praticamente tutto. In fase di istruzioni del gioco ti viene anticipato che l’Eva potrebbe finire l’autonomia e avrai a quel punto una sola scelta: urlare al tuo Eva per farlo ripartire. Puoi urlare Ugote Ugote Ugoteyo o Move Move Move. Io ho urlato con disperazione, il mio 01 doveva muoversi cazzarola. Questa è stata forse la cosa più clamorosa che ho fatto in VR. Valeva il prezzo del viaggio in Giappone.

Dragonball VR, master the kamehameha:
Lo scopo di questa esperienza era di sfidare un avversario con una poderosa Kamehameha. Per farlo venivi vestito di tutto punto: vive tracker sulle mani, sui piedi e sulla cinta. Tracking quindi quasi totale del corpo. Potevi scegliere il tuo maestro (io ho scelto Vegeta) e si partiva con tre fasi: imparare a lanciare piccole botte di energia, imparare a lanciare la kame e poi sfidare un avversario che aveva un altro maestro. Ovviamente il tutto condito da scenette in puro stile Dragonball. Vegeta mi ha minacciato più e più volte che se non vincevo me l’avrebbe fatta pagare. Spoiler: ho perso.
L’esperienza è condita da un sistema particolare di vento multidirezionale che quasi ti sposta quando lanci o subisci un’onda. Senti realmente il rinculo della tua stessa “potenza”. Ogni volta che lanci un’onda distruggi montagne e fai crateri. Anche qui divertito come un bambino.
Unica nota negativa: mi hanno calibrato le mani non alla perfezione rallentando il mio apprendimento. Dovrebbero stare più attenti in fase di calibrazione.
PS è la prima nota negativa e forse quasi l’unica di tutto il posto.
PPS urlare Kamehameha non serve a niente ma va fatto, è buona educazione.

Argyle Shift:
Esperienza robotica semplice ma fatta bene. La cosa particolare era che è una serie inedita fatta solo per la VR Zone ed era la prima puntata.
L’intenzione è di creare un cinema interattivo VR che ti spinga a tornare per seguire la storia.
Era l’esperienza più vuota dalla mattinata. Forse la gente, compresi i Giapponesi, non stanno rispondendo bene alla proposta che comunque ha del potenziale.

Esperienza molto divertente di volo su un aliante a pedali.
Grafica mozzafiato e sfida fra 4 giocatori per raggiungere il castello al di là della montagna. Niente di eclatante ma se fosse sullo store sarebbe comunque in top vendite.

Esperienze “minori”:
Ci sono un po’ di esperienze sparse qui e lì che condiscono il tutto: dalla pesca, alla carrozzina nell’ospedale del terrore fino ad una escape room dove devi uscire prima di essere schiacciato da una palla (vera) che si gonfia. La VR zone è ricca di prodotti e i grandi (Mario, Evangelion ecc) trainano alla grande gli altri che erano pieni di utenti.


Un posto magico, costruito con criterio, amore e taaaanti soldi. Purtroppo non ho potuto provare Gundam (il biglietto mi faceva scegliere o Gundam o Evangelion, sorry guys).
Però alla fine non posso che dargli un 10 pieno.
Un posto organizzato così qui da noi scordatevelo, quindi se passate in Giappone andateci per forza!

That time I started writing my cruelest novel: How I killed a baby and got away with it http://fabiocorrirossi.com/that-time-i-started-writing-my-most-cruel-novel-how-i-killed-a-baby-and-got-away-with-it Wed, 06 Sep 2017 21:15:34 +0000 http://fabiocorrirossi.com/?p=145 Link to the WATTPAD page

This time I had a very strange story in mind: what if a guy wants to kill an infant just to do a social experiment?

This is how the novel idea was born.
The main character is not a psychopath but he clearly had some issues in the past and now all his energies are focused into proving how screwed the society is in the most screwed up way possible.


  • the book is only in Italian
  • I never ended it. I mean I actual know how to end it, I have the trace to finish it but… I don’t have the strength to finish such story.

Maybe, someday, who knows.
I must say my very few readers were loving the story so far and I loved writing it until I didn’t.
And not because it wasn’t good, I strongly believe it was one of my best stories.
Simply it was too much for the time.
One day…