That time I talked about the AAA proprietary engine behind Project CARS: Codemotion Milan 2019

First time speaker at Codemotion Milan (after many years guests of Codemotion Rome) and first time speaker since I started working for ioTech/Slightly Mad Studios.

This was the abstract of the talk:

The gaming market is now largely dominated by a monolithic attitude to development: developers license a ready-made engine (usually Unreal and Unity), and then bleed it to the edge in search of performance. Does an alternative exist? The advantages and challenges to a proprietary engine to produce AAA-games and bespoke Business-to-Business solutions is what Slightly Mad Studios deals with day in and day out. Let’s take a deep-dive into this “MADNESS” Engine, one entirely developed in-house by the studio, and used to create chart-topping AAA-games by a globally-based, remote-working team.

Slideshare of the talk here: