That time we won the Global Game Jam 2021 in Rome

Categories: Coding and Work, Travels and Experiences First remote only Global Game Jam this year, of course because of COVID.Our usual Jam group arranged the whole event on Discord and I finally had the chance to do a jam with only my pal Joel Fallerini.Only the 2 of us, as we said we would for years. This time we decided not […]

That time I talked about the AAA proprietary engine behind Project CARS: Codemotion Milan 2019

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First time speaker at Codemotion Milan (after many years guests of Codemotion Rome) and first time speaker since I started working for ioTech/Slightly Mad Studios. This was the abstract of the talk: The gaming market is now largely dominated by a monolithic attitude to development: developers license a ready-made engine (usually Unreal and Unity), and […]

That time we released the best racing game for arcades and racing centers: Project CARS Pro

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PROJECT CARS PRO WEBSITE Slightly Mad Studios and subsidiary ioTech Studios are excited to announce the launch of Project CARS Pro, an exclusively business-to-business-developed product created from the best-selling Project CARS AAA-racing-game franchise and designed for public venues, location-based entertainment centres, and events. Project CARS Pro is a game changer in the LBE space. Built […]

That long time I was an xR teacher: IED xR classes

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IED Roma Website For 2.5 years I had the honor to work as a teacher for IED (European Institute of Design).My job was to teach how to develop games and experiences in xR (VR/AR/MR). My classes were about: rules for a correct storytelling in 360° prototyping experiences in Unity3D mentoring over this new business and […]

That time I started working on my 2D game engine: JTPE

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JTPEngine started like every other dev project: let’s make something from scratch, have fun and learn from it.Never to be used in actual game dev production, JTPEngine is a 2D C++ Game Engine. Its goal is to provide an abstract, lightweight and cross-platform ready engine that uses only C++/std and JSON scripting. This engine is […]