That time we won the Global Game Jam 2021 in Rome

Categories: Coding and Work, Travels and Experiences First remote only Global Game Jam this year, of course because of COVID.Our usual Jam group arranged the whole event on Discord and I finally had the chance to do a jam with only my pal Joel Fallerini.Only the 2 of us, as we said we would for years. This time we decided not […]

That time I talked about the AAA proprietary engine behind Project CARS: Codemotion Milan 2019

Categories: Coding and Work, Travels and Experiences

First time speaker at Codemotion Milan (after many years guests of Codemotion Rome) and first time speaker since I started working for ioTech/Slightly Mad Studios. This was the abstract of the talk: The gaming market is now largely dominated by a monolithic attitude to development: developers license a ready-made engine (usually Unreal and Unity), and […]

That time we released the best racing game for arcades and racing centers: Project CARS Pro

Categories: Coding and Work

PROJECT CARS PRO WEBSITE Slightly Mad Studios and subsidiary ioTech Studios are excited to announce the launch of Project CARS Pro, an exclusively business-to-business-developed product created from the best-selling Project CARS AAA-racing-game franchise and designed for public venues, location-based entertainment centres, and events. Project CARS Pro is a game changer in the LBE space. Built […]

That long time I was an xR teacher: IED xR classes

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IED Roma Website For 2.5 years I had the honor to work as a teacher for IED (European Institute of Design).My job was to teach how to develop games and experiences in xR (VR/AR/MR). My classes were about: rules for a correct storytelling in 360° prototyping experiences in Unity3D mentoring over this new business and […]

That time I started working on my 2D game engine: JTPE

Categories: Coding and Work

JTPEngine started like every other dev project: let’s make something from scratch, have fun and learn from it.Never to be used in actual game dev production, JTPEngine is a 2D C++ Game Engine. Its goal is to provide an abstract, lightweight and cross-platform ready engine that uses only C++/std and JSON scripting. This engine is […]

That time I went to Japan for our honeymoon and ended up in the best VR center in the world: VR Zone @ Shinjuku

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No, I won’t talk about my amazing, life changing trip to Japan.Too much sadness in knowing I won’t return for a while.My hearth couldn’t take it. For now I’ll talk only about the best VR center in the world! VR Zone by Bandai and ProjectICan in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Here’s the slideshow of the experience (slow […]

That time we made a comic about Yuri Gagarin: 50 years of solitude

Categories: Storytelling

My very first published comic ever!I will never thank Damjan Stanich for this experience. Translated from his blog page: My first paper release is called “50 years of solitude”.It was born so randomly and it came from an old friend, Predrag Pedja Ikonic. We used to hang out in ex-Yugoslav comics forums.Pedja started a […]

That time we made an ultra-short movie and won an international contest: Change is about, Art by Chance

Categories: Storytelling

It all started as usual: let’s make a short movie!Stefano Bagnoli and me are used to say that over and over cyclically and this time we had an actual goal in mind: the worldwide contest named Art By Chance. The contest was about presenting an ultra-short movie (aprox. 30 seconds) with Changes as main theme. […]